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Charity Ball Chairmen Celebrated 'To A Tea"

at David Copley's Home

"The elegance and tradition of the Charity Ball was never more in evidence than at the 2011 Past Chairman's Tea. The spectacular setting and the gracious hospitality represented the excitement all involved feel about the upcoming 103rd Anniversary Charity Ball." - Jane Fetter, 2002 Chairman

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San Diego’s oldest charity ball named the Charity Ball celebrated past chairmen November 17th, 2011. The tea was very graciously hosted by David Copley at his home named Foxhill in La Jolla.

And there was quite the guest turnout for the tea at Foxhill.

2012  Spectacular San Diego’s 103rd  Anniversary Charity Ball chairman Noreen Mulliken with Kathleen Sellick


Among the attendees were 2006 chairman Mari Fink, 2007 chairman Kimberly Miller, Betty Brayshay, 1990 chairman Barbara Brown, Kathleen Buoymaster, 2005 chairman Carol Chang, 2008 chairman Phyllis Snyder, Connie Conard, 2004 Charity Ball chairman Liz Copley, 1974 chairman Ann Evans of the Evans Hotels, 2002 chairman Jane Trevor Fetter, and David Gillig.

Gillig is the Sr. Vice President and Executive Director of the Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation. Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation is the recipient beneficiary of the Charity Ball’s fundraising.

More there enjoying tea, delicious tea sandwiches, and beautiful bite sized sweets were 2011 chairman Lisa Hamlin Viera, Joyce Glazer (she was a co-chairman of the 1998 Super Ball Charity Ball), 1981 Charity Ball chairman Frances Golden, Rady's Director of Trauma Sue Cox, R.N., Lola Green, Joyce and Craigar Grosvenor, Tommi Adelizzi, and 1968 chairman Liz Jessop.

The Jessop family has a long history supporting the Charity Ball.

In fact a good number of the guests present at this tea represent some of San Diego’s oldest families.

More at the tea representing San Diego’s longtime names were Karon Luce, 1995 chairman Barbara McColl, and the upcoming January 21st, 2012  Spectacular San Diego’s 103rd  Anniversary Charity Ball chairman Noreen Mulliken.

Mulliken revealed that Rick Faugno who starred as Frankie Valli for the Las Vegas version of "Jersey Boys" will be headlining for the Charity Ball.

The Charity Ball has a history of top entertainers including the late and great Bobby Short in the 90’s who was very generously underwritten by David Copley.

Attendees for the Charity Ball in 2012 will enjoy dinner at the Hotel Del Coronado, followed by a ‘Jersey Boys’ worthy performance by Rick Faugno, and later dancing to the big band DYNAMIC in the grand ballroom at the Del.

The events Grand Ballroom's most coveted seating is in the front row box seats. They are literally inherited generation to generation.

The 2012 'Spectacular' Charity Ball will benefit the Rady Children’s Trauma Care Center at the Sam S. and Rose Stein Emergency Care Center.

Top notch trauma care by the Rady Hospital is a cause which was very poignantly pointed out by the tea’s musical  performance by teenagers Ian Brininstool and Nicolas Gibbons.

In 2010, Brininstool was one of three teenagers in La Jolla struck by an impaired driver. Ian was in Rady Children's for 3 days from sustaining a concussion and a broken leg.

Recovered and performing now, Brininstool is but one of many reasons that Rady’s Children’s Hospital puts the ‘spectacular’ into San Diego.

"The upcoming 103rd Charity Ball promises to be one of the more elegant and traditional balls. The 'Swing Cats' is comprised of some of the finest musicians in Southern California and will provide 'Big Band' sounds for those who love to dance" stated tea attendee Jane Fetter.

By the way, the Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego is funded by many generous San Diegans including Evelyn and Ernest Rady for whom the hospital is named after.

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Enjoy the Photos!

Mr. 'DC Fox' of Foxhill

Patti Holmes with Liz Copley, and Kathin Smith



Joyce Grosvenor ** Shari Cairncross with her daughter Liz Copley

Carol Chang ** Kristi Pieper

Alison Gildred

Vincent Andrunas with Joyce and Craigar Grosvenor

Marilyn Sawyer with David Gillig

The tasty tea temptations

Marilyn Fletcher

Connie Conard

Marjo Dyer with Murray and Patty Rome

Karon Luce with Jane Fetter

Marjo Dyer with Murray Rome

Tory Gulley with Craigar and Joyce Grosvenor

Kay North

Mary Beth and Jim Ledwith

Barbara McColl

Penny Dokmo

Carol Chang with Nell Waltz

Joyce Glazer and Penny Dokmo

The Charity Ball's Past Chairmen

The Charity Ball's Past Chairmen with the 2012 Chairman, Noreen Mulliken

Preferred Valet Parking Team

athritis jingle bell run

Special Guest Musicians Ian Brininstool and Nicolas Gibbons

Jim and Mary Beth Ledwith with John Ahlering, MD., and Bonnie Hage

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reported and photographed by Margo Schwab

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