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Where the locals dine

for Homemade Pastas, Raviolis, and Sauces of Chef Pasquale

Cafe Milano
711 Pearl St, La Jolla
858- 454-3806




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Scott Johnston, Margo Schwab and Kima serving up San Diego Social Coverage!


Kima and the Social Diary's Christmas Party / Luncheon at

Cafe Milano

followed by The Town Scoop -

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Hosts: Kima and her parents, Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston

Highlights: Just having Christmas / holiday cheer with good friends and new friends.

Who Was There: Names, names, names....big names... Diane Clarke, Lisa Casey, Jeanne Larson, Denise Hug, Jule Eberlin, Mallory Eberlin, Tiffany Mahoney, Nancy Borrelli, Mary Milton and Jon, Patty Elkus, Bibbi Hermann Conner, Linda Swortwood, Maria Assaraf, Dana Alkasmi, Chandani Flinn, and Jim Silveira.

The Buzz of the Event: Holiday shopping, the delicious salmon and lobster ravioli at Cafe Milano, Social Diary Book 2, and yes, those Real Social Bitches..... ie. Kima and friends!

Special thanks to: Everyone from bringing a little something to donate to Rancho Coastal Humane Society's Thrift Store. Denise Hug wins the prize for donating big, suitcases filled and all!

And thank you to Pasquale at Cafe Milano for making our holiday cheerful, fun, and flawless!

Some Fun Comments: So much fun.... when's the next party??


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Pasquale of Cafe Milano with Patty Elkus, Maria Assaraf, Jeanne Larson, Dana Alkasmi, Bibbi Hermann Connor, Jim Silveira, Margo Schwab and Kima, and Pamela Pogue

Mary Milton who has done so much for people through animals via Therapy Dogs, HOPE Crisis Response and Canine Companions ** Kima greeting Jim Silveira of the Rancho Coastal Humane Society

Nancy Borrelli and Lisa Casey

Kima aka 'Santa's Elf' getting in a quick nap

Diane Clarke wearing a pretty Jordan scarf

Linda Swortwood in vibrant red ** The handsome guy, Scott Johnston

Cafe Milano's famous car ** Denise Hug arriving with a plethora of donations for the RCHS Thrift Store

RSB's fave jeweler Pamela Pogue ** Tonic Hair Care's Mallory Eberlin

yeah, Kima is Momma's Girl

Denise Hug and Jeanne Larson

Chanel 'Book Bag' ** Patty Elkus, protector of the sea and animals...yes, wearing fashionable faux fur

Love this place!

Table Fun!

New Ralph Lauren mens jackets (with tags), Louis Vuitton purse, Nikon cameras, Nicole Miller umbrella, Versace dress and books donated by Margo Schwab, Kima, and Scott Johnston on behalf of animals and their people

Sandra of Cafe Milano!

with Dana Alkasmi and Maria Assaraf

Maria Assaraf looking like Audrey Hepburn

Bibbi Hermann Connor

yes she's cute and smart, Maria Assaraf!

Love you... Jeanne Larson!

One of Nancy Borrelli's kind and funny gifts to Scott!



Santa sure was busy at Claire Reiss's Christmas party, carolers and all. No one does hospitality bigger in the Christmas spirit! Special guests included daughter Tanya and JP with their 3 dogs, 2 adopted!


Notable Quotable by Oren Arnold - "To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect."

Beautifully said Oren!


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San Diego Collector's Edition First Book - Thank you to our Cover Couple,

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publishing support and photoshopping by Scott Johnston

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great job margo!  always so exciting to read your scoops!  Judge C.


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* Margo Schwab, MBA, more formally known as Margaret E. Schwab, has produced, written, interviewed and photographed for various media organizations since 1989. Schwab attended Holton Arms School, La Jolla Country Day School and La Jolla High School. Schwab has a B.A. from Scripps College, spent a business internship with S.A.I.C., Science Applications International Corporation, and earned a Masters of Business degree, M.B.A., from the University of San Diego by way of Claremont Graduate School . Schwab additionally took college courses from Harvard University, and Syracuse University. Schwab volunteers for numerous charity organizations. She also continues to support animal organizations and the prevention of people and animal abuse. Schwab is the editor and co-owner of The Social Diary.

Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston of The Social Diary Magazine are pleased to announce a partnerships with the San Diego Humane Society and SD METRO Magazine. They have also partnered with Country Friends and the San Diego American Heart Association and the Arthritis Foundation.

Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston are both members of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club (Margo Schwab since 1974) and both are now members of the University Club and its worldwide ClubCorp Compass Society. Margo Schwab and Scott Johnston are Police Press credentialed by the Chief of Police, William Lansdowne.


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