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Social Diary


Scott Johnston, Margo Schwab and Kima serving up San Diego Social Coverage!

Chef Nasia Ampelas

of Eclat Catering

Find out why Nasia's talent for cooking is called 'gifted.'

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SD Social Diary: Tell us about your business.

Nasia - "Eclat Catering provides people with what I consider to be a "unique service"... Mediterranean Gourmet Home Style Cooking made with each individual customer in mind and delivered to their door with professionalism and a smile!:) We have regular members of my Eclat Cuisine Club and each membership offers various benefits/surprises. During these difficult economic times, Eclat Catering offers a small rainbow to one's rainy day (if you like) and provides you a good meal on a reasonable budget! Our members are growing daily so we must be doing something right!

Eclat also offers the party (big or small) catering that we all know.

Eclat serves Mediterranean Food and predominantly Greek."


SD Social Diary: "When did you know that you wanted to be in the chef / catering business?

Nasia - "When I moved here I wanted to get my feet wet and started small by working in the Accounting/Business department of the San Diego County Office of Education. Again health issues (this time more serious in the form of brain tumors) got in the way of my being able to work an 8 hour day in front of a computer... Surgeries and recoveries rendered it impossible for me to continue working so I cooked for my family more and more. I started hosting small parties and realized I loved creating dishes and watching friends and family devouring them. The Food Network became my passion and a "kitchen monster" []--- cookwas born:) Friends and family began requesting dishes and I began the business after talking to a friend and very wise man who said I should begin small and work my way up. He and his family became my first REAL customers!! Last year he was listed in Forbes 400 for the first time and continues to remain there."

One of Nasia's clients is also one of San Diego's most eligible bachelors, Ted Panos.


SD Social Diary: What are some of your previous career choices?

Nasia - "I a m a Statistician by trade. I worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics and for British Petroleum in Australia, England and Europe. The work was fast paced and at the time satisfying. Health issues however came up and I was forced to take some time off. During my recovery I met my husband Danny and moved to San Diego and got married. I have now been living in San Diego for 10 years."


SD Social Diary: What are some of your fondest moments in the business?

Nasia- "Various memories in the form of quotes come to mind.

An older gentleman after my second delivery to his home looked at me with a tear in his eye and said: "This dish reminded me of home, of my mother!"

A friend has said of her husband: "If he could bottle your soup in the form of an IV drip he would!"

And, my friend who nudged me to somewhat begin this culinary business journey, after enjoying my poached halibut looked at me and said: "Now this is something I would eat at a 5 star restaurant! Delicious!"

That to me is priceless! I cook from the heart and when comments like that are made I know I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing."


SD Social Diary: What are some of your favorite interests outside of your business?

Nasia - "I LOVE writing fiction and reading ... I have tried many times to get published but have found it very difficult. I love having people over and hosting small dinner parties. I love walking, the theater and learning new things... I would love to have more time getting to know more people and helping them any way I can... I aim to find the time to do so."

SD Social Diary: Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

Nasia - "I see myself as the next Greek Wolfgang Puck.... No, seriously... owning a successful restaurant in La Jolla and having hundreds of members enjoying my Cuisine Club and smiling.."


Additional Note by SD Social Diary: And Chef Nasia Ampelas does make people smile. She has an extraordinary culinary gift and a heart to match. Nasia goes beyond the extra measure for all of her clients.

p.s. - Nasia has also been a supporter of The Old Globe Theatre, Guide Dogs Australia, Children's Hospital, the Liver Foundation and Diabetes ... Bravo!


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reported and photographed by Margo Schwab

web technical support by Scott Johnston

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