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La Jolla Country Day School's Studio CD Party Rocks the Past Present Future!

June 8th , 2007
The Social Diary Columnist & Photographer Margo Schwab

(high resolution photos available by request )

On May 5th, 2007, parents, teachers and friends gathered for a party themed 'Studio CD, Past Present Future' to raise big dollars to benefit La Jolla Country Day School (LJCDS). It was "jeans gone wild" for the dress code. And it was fun! But of course it was. What with Debby Jacobs and Laleh Roudi Chairing the event and Parent's Association President Gwyn Rice adding in her expertise, the event was assured to be great!

About Gywn, Debby Jacobs noted "She's an amazing lady." And we know Debby and her good friend and Co-chair Laleh Roudi are amazing too!

French Gourmet catered, martinis flowed, and the dance band NRG drew guests to the tented dinner after cocktail hour in the artfully decorated / transformed gym.

Judith Glickman of LJCDS explained the importance of the event. "The Parents' Association Auction is a yearly event that raises funds to provide teachers with wish list items, supports our tuition assistance program, and helps to fund faculty professional growth. We are proud to have more than 500 members in our Parents' Association, who volunteer their time and talents to improve the quality of life at La Jolla Country Day. Our gala really is like a having a big family reunion once a year - we all gather together in one place to celebrate our achievements over the past year, and look forward to what is coming up for this next school year. One of our biggest accomplishments as a community is the completion of our new Library/Academic Center this June. Our librarians are really looking forward to it! The building will also house our admission and development departments, as well as head of school and other administrative staff.

Which explains the theme's tag line, 'Past Present Future.' And funds rocked in for the event. Net proceeds are approximately a whopping $803,000 which will go towards faculty enrichment, tuition assistance, endowments, a CDAA Grant, and wish list items by faculty.

And its thanks to the giving crowd there that this stellar fundraising happened. Among them were Lisa and Bill Barkett, Lyn and Dr. Stephen Krant, Lisa Altman, Susan and Bob Blanchard, Wendi Carlock, Brett Dickinson, Patti Holmes, Jennifer Cairncross, Stacy and Paul Jacobs, Reza Paydar & Jacqueline Walther, Adriana and Cesar Amescua, and Jeanne and Bill Eigner.

Bill Eigner, sharp attorney that he is, quipped, "Any gala seeking to earn a 10 out of 10 starts out with at least a 7 head start in my rating system, just for not requiring black tie."

And many more seemed to concur. It was just that kind of night. One of many fundamental funding efforts that ensure a great education and future for LJCDS students!

debby jacobs

Laleh Roudi, Gwyn Rice and Debby Jacobs ** Debby Jacobs

laleh roudi

Guest with Laleh Roudi

Student Volunteers in 60's Chic!

Guest with the 'coolest' event themed jeans


Hal Jacobs with Wendi Carlock and Brett Dickinson

Paul and Stacy Jacobs with Hal Jacobs

Guest with Lyn and Dr. Stephen Krant ** Lyn Krant and Guest



Jennifer Cairncross and Patti Holmes ** Guest



Lisa Barkett and Lisa

Bill and Jeanne Beach Eigner with Elizabeth and Scott Callaway

Lisa Barkett with friends

Tom O'Connell with Scott Johnston ** Laleh Roudi and Guest

Margo Schwab with Laleh Roudi and Guest ** Lisa Barkett and Lisa

* Margo Schwab has produced, written, interviewed and photographed for various media organizations since 1989. Schwab attended Holton Arms School, La Jolla Country Day School and La Jolla High School. Schwab has a B.A. from Scripps College and a Masters of Business degree, M.B.A., from the University of San Diego. Schwab volunteers for numerous charity organizations. She also continues to lobby for water safety and for family violence mitigation. Schwab is the editor of The Social Diary. Margo is currently writing a book based on La Jolla.

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