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Going to Hawaii is like going to another country, but it's a tropical paradise in the USA!

When you get to Hawaii, you instantly relax. Why wait until you get there though. Start at take off. If you are leaving from San Diego, go Hawaiian Airlines. It's a direct non-stop and affordable flight.

If you look on the internet, you can find flights for around $400 after summer peak times and holidays. If you have the bucks, go first class.

We got lucky and ended up in first class. It was a privilege. I felt like a million bucks as soon as I sat down. Roomy seats, superb service and a great flight, all added to the pleasure of smooth and quick sailing over seas to the warm waters of Waikiki.

Off the plane in a flash, a porter got us and the huge surfboard bag, camera equipment and more to a station wagon taxi and off to the historic pink palace, ie the Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

I had heard so much about this hotel that if half of it was true I was in paradise. Greeted warmly by the valets and porters, whisked through check in with a fragrant lei greeting and off to a historic room........ Wow.... everything and more.

A step into the Royal Hawaiian Hotel is a step to living in Hawaii in the past with royal service and an escape from the adjacent Waikiki hustle bustle.

The rooms are beautiful. I choose one of the historic garden rooms for quiet, history and frankly to economize a bit. Historic rooms start at $345 and they are worth every penny. Luckily I got a special rate. Always inquire about specials. If you are with the government, you get the best rates!

The pool are is so pink and perfect with attendants waiting to help you. A small private beach with reservable chaise lounges and umbrellas are very popular with many sun starved visitors.

The turquoise blue Hawaiian sea is 20 feet away. A perfect temperature and perfectly empty of bathers until after brunch time.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel' s beachside restaurant has views of the sea and one of the most incredible breakfast brunches every morning. A regular breakfast menu is available.

Lunch and dinner there is excellent as well with a Chef's team that is Zagat approved.

The nearby beach / bar restaurant is more casual with a limited menu and late afternoon/ early evening entertainment that is worth a daily hour or two.

Nearby fun besides dipping and snorkling are outrigger canoe rides, surf lessons .... check out Thomas or Rabbit Kekai's stands, helicopter rides, the nearby Bishop's Museum, tours of the island and of course the luau.

The Royal Hawaiian Hotel's Luau is famed. Book it, it takes place every Monday.

If you aren't getting enough of that incredible Hawiian dancing, walk on down the beach a block East in the evenings. In the park there are usually dancers and it's free.

If you are super lucky, you'll have a hook to go to the private Outrigger Canoe Club by Diamond Head.

The Outrigger Canoe Club is a little oasis setting you in the vicinity of the locals. A small, friendly, beachside club where members and privacy is strictly protected. I know Tom Selleck ie. Magnum P.I. is a member. I have personally seen Robert Wagner and Jill St. John. It's their oasis too.

So if you get the chance to go, make sure to go for a meal. Their Sunday brunch is famous. The Chef there has an outstanding daily lunch and dinner menu with daily specials. If I ever get to have his Brazilian lobster slipper dish again I will be lucky twice!

Go to Hawaii once and you'll never get enough of the aloha spirit! See you there!!


by the way ..... the Waikiki boys are very proud of Hawaiian beauty Aloha Taylor, a former Miss Hawaiian, who does weather for Channel 8. They wish her success!....




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