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Craig & Joyce Grosvenor Host Tocqueville Society

"It is during these days of profound economic hardship that the needy are in their darkest hour.... The United Way/Tocqueville Society is very often a last resort for many.... It is an honor to be a part of such an organization that truly makes a difference every day in our community." - Joyce Grosvenor


Joyce and Craig Grosvenor graciously hosted an elegant reception at their Rancho Pacifica home on November 13th, 2008. It was called the 'Party of Parties.' It's purpose. To introduce guests to the Tocqueville Society of San Diego, a leading sponsor group of the United Way of San Diego.

"The Tocqueville Society was created in 1984 by the United Way of America to recognize the premier level of leadership donors.The Society is named in honor of Alexis de Tocqueville, a French aristocrat and author of Democracy in America. Following a visit to America in 1831, he was profoundly moved after witnessing the spirit in which Americans helped each other in times of need. It is this same spirit and belief that today continues to drive The Tocqueville Society."

“When an American asks for the cooperation of his fellow citizens, it is seldom refused; and I have seen it afforded spontaneously and with great good will.” – Alexis de Tocqueville

Joyce and Craigar Grosvenor

Among the many that support or have supported The Tocqueville Society include Helen Copley, Marilyn and Kim Fletcher, Terry Giles, Jenny and Sid Craig, Lee and Frank Goldberg, Evelyn & Ernest Rady Jeannie & Art Rivkin, Joan and Irwin Jacobs, Betsy and Papa Doug Manchester, Pauline Foster, Elaine & Murray Galinson, Alex Szekely, Linda and Mel Katz, William Lynch, and a whole lot of Grosvenor's.

That Grosvenor list includes, Melissa and Mark Grosvenor, Rachel Grosvenor, and of course the hosts Joyce and Craigar Grosvenor. Joyce and Craigar's children Tristan and Dakota were there too!

And Judd Grosvenor no doubt smiling from heaven to see the Grosvenor tradition of giving in good hands.

Guests enjoyed cocktails and delicious tray passed appetizers from Pacifica Del Mar. There was a seafood buffet too. There were oysters on the half-shell, snow crab legs, and lemon grass prawns. Tray passed items included Dungenss crab cakes, lobster spring rolls, mini pizza bites with carmelized onions, and mushrooms baked in puff pastry.

The Fabulous Pelicans provided the music. And they were fabulous. Guests Laura Bradley and Fred Applegate quite enjoyed dancing to the Fabulous Pelicans' musical beat.

And there were many more there learning about the Tocqueville Society's main missions of stopping child abuse and neglect by improving parenting skills, promoting financial stability and independence for struggling families by teaching families to budget, manage and save money, and homeless outreach and homeless prevention programs that provide permanent housing to the chronically homeless, and by offering mental health, medical and legal assistance, as well as on the job training.

Among the mix were Ron and Sook Hansen, Doug Sawyer, Ingrid Hibben and Victor La Magna, Patti and Dr. Clayton Cooke, Lynn Eldred, Shannon and Allen Goodall, Dr. Stuart Grauer, Nancy and Jaime Barton, Susan Christopher, and that dancing duo, Laura Bradley and Fred Applegate.

There were coffee and desserts at the conclusion of the evening. Brownies, miniature cheesecakes and homemade cookies were a sweet, sweet finale.

Guest Thom Tullis concluded that The Tocqueville Society was a great way to continue to give back to society. Thom and fiance Karina Lion "are so grateful to be a part of a society that really makes a difference in the lives of others."

Joyce Grosvenor summed up the evening eloquently. "The most profound gift any person can ultimately possess is the ability to give."

To learn more about The Tocqueville Society of San Diego County

Please visit

or contact Rachel Tolano at

Please enjoy the photos!

Louarn and Alan Sorkin ** Alan Sorkin with Jocye Grosvenor ** Thom Tullis

Lee and Frank Goldberg

Ruprecht and Lucy Von Buttlar

Joyce Grosvenor with her daughter Dakota

Doug Sawyer ** Joyce Grosvenor greeting Lee Goldberg*

Laura Bradley dancing with Fred Applegate

Floral Arrangement ** Joyce Grosvenor greeting a Guest

Craig Grosvenor showing guests photos of his recent yachting trip!

Pacifica Del Mar's Seafood Display


Sandie Ross Sweeney with Sook Hansen and Carol Williams

Guest with Lynn Eldred and Jaime Baron

Joyce Grosvenor with her family, Dakota, Craig, and Tristan


Reported by Margo Schwab


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The Buzz

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.... and a lot of Barbaras!!

Barbara Beltaire invited all of the Barbaras in town to come to her restaurant Barbarella's and celebrate St. Barbara, the Patron Saint.

Barbara ZoBell was there. And so was Barbara McColl, and the event's founder Barbara Doren.

And they were there for a good cause. All this month (until the 22nd) new shoes, sneakers in particular, are being collected at Barbarella's to give to some very deserving folk at the Monarch School, Father Joe's., and Becky's House ..How great is that!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukah!

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