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Memories from Electra - Princess Yasmin Kahn

by the Social Diary Columnist Electra Anderson
Column #5, January 12th, 200

You just mentioned Yasmin Kahn on the "who's hot" list. She lived one house away from me when were we 6 years old in Beverly Hills on Canon Drive. She used to come over and play in my play house and tree house. One day when she was eating lunch with me I told her it was OK to put potato chips in her peanut butter and jelly sandwich the cook made us. We were having fun, when my movie star mother Ellen came in and told me I was not allowed to put potato chips in my sandwich and I told her," Well maybe I can't but Yasmin can, she's a Princess." My mother said, "Princess or not…….no potato chips in the sandwich."

I went with Yasmin and her sister Rebecca Wells (Rita's daughter with Orson Well's) to the ballet and to her mother Rita Hayworth's birthday party at The Luau in B.H. I have some cute pictures of us somewhere, in front of my playhouse when she had a "bob" haircut and straight across bangs. She certainly was a huge help in Alzheimer's awareness and took very good care of her mother. Tell her I'd love to talk to her and maybe we could have lunch and put potato chips in our sandwiches.

Kisses, Electra xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

* Electra Anderson is a columnist and author. Expect intrigue from this Beverly Hills Hotel heiress as you see her life through her eyes, at her speed. Yes, Anderson is known to hit the race track at speeds of 200 mph .... and win. Anderson is also known for amazing social and travel adventures. She is based in Miami or on a jet.You can learn more about Electra Anderson at www.electraracing.com and www.electraland.com .


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