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Veronica Kay Baker's Diary

by The Social Diary Surf and Fashion Columnist Veronica Kay Baker
Column #4, March 8th, 2006

(Editor's note - first part is a reference to an article on green tea)

Thanks Margo--very informative, however, I have long since been a big fan of
green tea. Now that I am pregnant I drink the decaffeinated version. I also
love it cold and the best part is, you don't have to sweeten it. I mean, you can
and I sometimes do, because what doesn't taste better when made sweeter?
But I find that finding something that you can drink without sugar or honey is
oh so very important. Things
are good here, I need to get busy on my
column for this month. I procrastinate and my excuse is that I work better
under pressure. I have never been much a shopper, but I can't help but keep
buying things for our little boy.
We have a name that we both really like but I
think my husband is waiting, thinking that something else is going to appear.
I am not so sure. It is the weirdest thing, you think that in a book of 20,000
names you would have a lot of choices, but when it comes down to it, it is as
if there was no selection. Have I told you how anxious I am to get back in the
water? I love so much this stage in my life but I feel at times that I am going
crazy. I know a lot of it has to do with hormones raging but I think a big part
is not having that release, I get from surfing. I think that women are amazing
creatures and we have this ability to give up everything for our family but at
the same time we all need to find ways to express ourselves--to feel free. I
have always loved water-color, so next weekend I am taking a two-day
seminar in Laguna. I am also contemplating taking a cooking class, although
it may sound corny. One thing I feel I have really benefited from is my pre-
natal yoga class. It is only once a week, but she has given us exercises to do
for 20 minutes every day, and I am really noticing a difference. At the end of
every class we set an intention for ourselves for the week, something we want
to work on. This has really helped me in controlling my emotions because I
can go back to that thought and it calms me and I focus on that. Cool huh?
Anyway, time to get back to work, I will talk to you soon. Lots of love, always,
Veronica Kay Baker

* Veronica Kay Baker is an international surf star, television actress, and television host, in addition to being a favorite face and personality for Roxy / Quiksilver. She also is also the Fashion Editor for the prestigious Newport Beach {714} Magazine. Her regularly featured column is called Essentials.

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More on Veronica....

Veronica is native to Southern California, has been living the life she dreamed about as a fourteen year-old teenager. Her dream of traveling the world, surfing the best waves, with the best surfers in the world, has been a reality since turning professional after clenching both, The West Coast and National Surfing Championships in 1997. Since then Veronica has become an icon to the Sport. She is recognized as influencing and defining, the sport- not only as a profession-- but also as a way to express your self. (She has been recognized as a role model inspiring girls to dream big and realize that they can overcome adversity just as she did.)

Veronica has been the ambassador and the international face of the largest name in the Action Sports Industry, Roxy / Quiksilver for ten years. She has appeared on countless covers and been featured in numerous magazines around the world: Seventeen, Vogue, Elle, Shape, Maxim's Hot 100 and Stuff Magazine's, 100 Sexiest Women in the World. Hosting, Wild on E!, VH1's Smoking Hot Talk, Fashion TV, as well as, multiple newscasts and radio interviews; she was also one of the stars of the WB's hit TV series, "The Boarding House".

Veronica's talents extend far beyond her surfboard, there isn't much this girl can't do, or hasn't done. A seasoned world traveler, she has jumped out of planes, climbed rocks, heli-skied, snowboarded glaciers in the Alps, been scuba-diving off shipwrecks in Papua New Guinea; and surfed just about
everywhere you can. She loves fishing and her new found love of golf and gardening. Veronica now resides in Newport Beach with her husband Scott Baker. Veronica is used to surfing every day, except for now during her pregnancy of course.

Roxy has chosen to make Veronica an Ambassador to the brand, as well as a Mentor to upcoming talent. Veronica is an in demand spokesperson for Roxy Events.

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