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Davis Cup Trivia

by William J. Kellogg
President, La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club

Column #1, January 10th, 2006

The weekend before Valentine's Day will produce opportunities for "Love" as Davis Cup tennis comes to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, February 10-12, 2006 for the first round "Tie" between the United States and Romania. Davis Cup tennis matches come with an abundant measure of national pride so this will be some of the most exciting professional tennis you will ever see.

For those that are wondering, a "Tie" is just another word for a match between two countries. The catch is that when two countries compete against each other in the Davis Cup format, a "match" consists of five actual tennis matches - four singles matches and one doubles match. Therefore, when one tries to describe the encounter between two countries, the listener can become hopelessly confused when the word "match" is used - hence the need to come up with another term to describe the encounter between two countries. The word "Tie" doesn't mean that both countries have the same score and couldn't decide who won.

Having gotten past that point, many people then typically ask if the Davis Cup has ever come to the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club before. While many tennis scholars would argue vehemently that it has never been here, the undeniable truth is that is has been in La Jolla before. The Davis Cup is one of the most spectacular trophies in all of sport and, as you can see from the photo below, it was put on display at the club in the early to mid 1960's. My grandfather, William Scripps Kellogg, conspired with Perry T. Jones, President of the Southern California Tennis Association, to bring the actual trophy to La Jolla to put on display for a short time. Ironically, the Davis Cup will NOT come to La Jolla for the USA vs. Romania Tie so we will NOT be able to say the Davis Cup came to La Jolla this time around.

So, just how does the "Tie" get decided and how does one win the Davis Cup? I'm out of time and space so you will just have to read the sequel to this fascinating tale to find out.

Here is a picture of the Davis Cup itself when it was put on display many years ago at the LJBTC. Pictured alongside the trophy are Perry T. Jones and William Scripps Kellogg - two of the driving forces of tennis in Southern California for nearly a half-century. The picture was taken by Alice Dutton.

* William J. ("Bill") Kellogg is President of the La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club, Inc. He also
chairs the United States Tennis Association's Davis Cup Committee and in this capacity fosters
community involvement when Ties are held in the United States. Kellogg currently serves on the
International Tennis Federation's Seniors Committee, serves as a Vice-President and Delegate
of the Southern California Tennis Association and is a past President of the San Diego District
Tennis Association and Youth Tennis San Diego.

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